Visitors guide

The Ottenby area is one of the most visited nature reserves in Sweden, and it is a fantastic destination for the whole family. Here, at the extreme southernmost parts of Öland you will find hiking trails covering endless coastal meadows and rich forests, and the birds and the sea follow you everywhere you go!


The Lighthouse Långe Jan is open for visitors during spring, summer and autumn, and in Naturum Ottenby you will find a large, beautiful and informative exhibition that will tell you about the area in general, but also about the history and the work of the bird observatory. In the same buildning you will also find a nice local restaurant. Just below the lighthouse, BirdLife Sweden has a nice little bookshop where you may find nature related books, binoculars, souvenires and ice cream.


The bird observatory is situated just north of the lighthouse village. If you would like to visit us and learn more about the bird ringing and other projects, you are very welcome to book a guider tour. 


In order to facilitate your planning, please have a look at the map below containing infomation on where to park, birdwatch, walk and eat…