Capri - Italy

Ottenby Bird Observatory’s presence on Capri started already in 1956. The magnificent property Villa San Michele had, by then, been donated to the Swedish state, and the Swedish Ornithological Society was asked whether it might be interested in conducting research on migratory birds in the area. The answer was yes, and the ancient pirate castle ‘Castello Barbarossa’, on the top of the 400 m.a.s.l. mountain above San Michele, was turned into a spectacular bird observatory.

The fieldwork at Capri has been concentrated on the spring migrations (and the Italian PPI-ringing is still active anually during the tropical birds’ main passage between April 15 and May 15). From 1994 to 2004, the Swedish activities was concentrated on the autumn migratory period. Today, however, our activities on Capri are mainly focused to special projects.


If you, as a voluneer at Ottenby, are interested in working on Capri, contact Magnus Hellström for further information regarding presently active projects.